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        中文 / English
        • 適配器

          插入損耗低;,互換性能好; 陶瓷套管,ABS或PEI材質; 標準插拔力:2~6N

        • 帶shutter 適配器

          低插入損耗,互換性能好; 自防塵防激光擋板,可很好保護眼睛; 陶瓷套管,ABS或PEI材質; 標準插拔力:2~6N

        • 轉接器

          低損耗,高回損,互換性好; 公頭2.5mm轉換母頭1.25mm,適用于預定場合; 標準插拔力:2~6N

        • 快速連接器

          產品特性: 預埋型快速連接器,適用于蝶形光纜,圓形光纜; 用于FTTX現場施工; 可重復性使用5次以上。

        • FOP

          The PMMA material has low cost Than copper wire; Added the toslink connector; Cable OD and length can be customized.

        • LC/PC –SC/PC Patch cord

          The use of ceramic plug and ceramic sleeve structure The docking face is PC and APC type grinding method Insertion loss is low and return loss is large Meets the national industry standards and IEC standards In the case of -25 ℃ / +70 ℃ can be used n

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